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Ready to restore beauty to your wood floors in Brentwood, TN?

Call Fabulous Floors Nashville to utilize our core service; hardwood floor resurfacing. Everyday wear and tear is normal for floors. But you never know what effect unexpected wear will have on their longevity. Refinishing used to be the only restorative measure available for floors like this. However, Fabulous Floors Nashville’s hardwood resurfacing service has recently come into play as the more affordable option that accomplishes amazing results.

Our hardwood resurfacing service is non-invasive, meaning it won’t affect the color or integrity of your wood floors. Our system doesn’t create airborne dust or fumes and we consider ourselves completely GREEN. We want to be safe for your family and the Brentwood area just as much as you do. After all, we live here too!

before and after hardwood floor resurfacing in brentwood, tn
a resurfaced living room floor

Our Brentwood Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

Our hardwood floor resurfacing service in Brentwood, TN allows us to restore the original gleam to your floors without leaving dust, mess or odor that you’ve probably previously associated with a typical hardwood refinishing service.

Wondering if your flooring is a good candidate for this resurfacing service? The ideal floor for resurfacing over refinishing is a floor with just some visible wear and light scratches. The finish of your floors should basically all be intact and there should be minimal warping or separations between the floorboards. If this describes your floors, and you’re in the Brentwood area, then call Fabulous Floors Nashville to determine whether or not your floor is a good candidate for this process that doesn’t require the same amount of labor, time, and cost as hardwood refinishing. Your floors simply need a facelift and a little professional restorative care, so we’re not going to charge you for a full upgrade.


“Today I had Anthony and Matt working in my house. These guys got down to business. They are very professional and friendly. My bedroom floor looks AMAZING. I will recommend this company in the blink of an eye! And the prices are better than anybody else. I did my research.” -Anonymous

Our Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Process:


    1. Adds instant value to your home. This will be a great selling point if/when you decide to move.
    2. Relieves the stress of living with worn-out hardwood floors. You’ll never have to settle for less again!
    3. Provides a long-lasting finish. Choose between gloss, semi-gloss, or satin polyurethane.
    4. Protects your floors against foot traffic and keeps them cleaner longer with a quality sealing coat.
    5. Prevents allergens. Our process is dust-free, meaning there is no mess or airborne dust particles during or after our hardwood floor resurfacing service.
    6. Removes scratches from your floors by sanding, without damaging the wood.
    7. Takes very little time. Most Fabulous Floors Nashville resurfacing treatments are completed within hours.
    8. Allows you to get back to your life quickly. There is absolutely nothing to clean-up after we leave.
    9. Gives you peace of mind. We do all of the hardwood resurfacing work, saving you from doing it yourself.
    10. Fits within your budget. Hardwood resurfacing saves you money, especially compared to traditional refinishing.


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